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Frankenstein's Bodies, a new card game up on Kickstarter

Yay Games is running a Kickstarter campaign for Frankenstein's Bodies, a new card game where you're trying to impress the good doctor.
They certainly get bonus points from me for knowing it was the doctor named Frankenstein.

Frankensteins Bodies


From the campaign:

'Frankenstein's Bodies' is a very interactive board-based card game for 2-6 players lasting 50-70 minutes. In the game you play surgeons aiming to create the finest bodies from the parts (cards) available. Points are gained for bodies that are made from parts matched for serum colour and gender. But it's more than a straight race to stitch parts together. Players can surgically remove parts from each other. But there is a risk of having these 'infected' and so become worthless. Master Surgeons can be brought in who offer extra expertise (points) and prevent other player's 'Surgery'. The game ends when one player has completed two bodies, or the draw deck runs through twice.