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Frankenstein and Zatana previewed for DC HeroClix

WizKids continues the double-previews for the upcoming Trinity War set for DC HeroClix with a look at Frankenstein and Zatana.
Of course, Frankenstein was the doctor's name and not the monster, but there we are, then. This is comics we're talking about.


From the post:

We’re here with another pair of awesome previews from the upcoming DC HeroClix: Justice League – Trinity War set! After the Justice League was defeated by Enchantress they knew they needed a team to face threats of a magic nature. Enter the Justice League Dark. We have two members of that team to show you and first up is Frankenstein!

Frankenstein is really a great close up and your face figure, but he needs some support and someone to take care of his attackers from range. In that role, we’re pleased to introduce the powerful mistress of magic, Zatanna!