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Frank, the new party card game of brutal honestly, up on Kickstarter

Atana Studios is running a Kickstarter campaign for frank, their new party card game where total honesty is the name of the game, even if that means being a bit... well... frank. Played much like Apples to Apples and Cards Against Humanity, the difference is that the cards you hand in to the judge pertain to the judge, themselves. You then get a chance to argue that your combination is the best (so it's not an anonymous play like with some other party card games). You get to tell your friends exactly what you think of them, right to their face!
The campaign is set up to run for another 21 days.

From the campaign:

A card game of vulgar combinations played against the judge, inspired by the Game Grumps.

You've all played this kind of game before. Apples to Apples, Cards Against Humanity, you name it. Just people giving cards to a judge, right? That's where frank is different.

True, you do give cards to the judge, but this time you're directing cards toward the judge. Plus, you have to sell your card combination verbally. A game where you get to insult your friends directly to their face. What more could you ask for?

The judge picks the best card combination and a new subject is applied to the next judge. That's it, plain and simple. Frank can be played with three to ten players and each game can take from five to thirty minutes.