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Fractured Dimensions Pig-Faced Orc Kickstarter in final week

Fractured Dimensions has a little under a week left on their Kickstarter campaign for some Orc Warriors. They've made their goal, but can always go for more stretch goals.

From the campaign:

This project is to get 4 sets of 28mm Orcs into production. These will be produced in a metal (lead free pewter alloy).

This project is geared towards three goals:

1. Getting the 4 sets of Orcs that have already been sculpted into production.

2. Increasing the speed with which I will be able to get future releases finished and into production.

3. Giving you a significant discount off of the final price of the miniatures. The final release price will be $15.99 per set of 4 Orcs. This means that you will save 25% when supporting this project at the $12, $24, and $36 level all the way up to a discount of 30% at the $89 level.