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Fractured Dimensions Infernal Minions of the Outer Planes Kickstarter Launches

Fractured Dimensions launched a Kickstarter in order to fund 8 Minions of the Outer Planes models.

From the campaign:

The goal of this project is to produce and release a range of high quality old school demons, daemons, and devils for Roleplaying and Wargaming. Stylistically the intent is to create a range of miniatures that combine an old school vibe with current sculpting styles.

In order to achieve this goal each monster is designed to look as if it has lived a little. They collect items, use weapons, and wear armor. In essence I am looking to create a fantasy range populated by gritty and realistic monsters.

If you share this vision of a grittier more realistic world of monsters and men or if you just like the way these miniatures look I would appreciate whatever level of support you are comfortable with. Thank you for taking the time to get this far!