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Four Square, A New Game from CMON

CMON has posted up the video trailer for a new miniatures game they're working on. Remember those days on the playground at recess playing Four Square? Now you can have all the heart-pounding action on your tabletop!
Check out the video below the cut.

CoolMiniOrNot is proud to announce our next exciting board game, FOUR SQUARE! Designed for 4 players, and 4 players only, FOUR SQUARE takes your favorite gym class assignment from your elementary school days and blasts the most radical hole in your table top! It’s so accurate that you’ll swear you’re out in the hot sun, standing on the black top, sweating as your middle-aged gym teacher looms ominously behind you and insults your form! Serve or die sucker! FOUR SQUARE features 4 models made of 100s of pieces each, all unpainted and unassembled, a couple of cards (like an okay-ish amount of cards), a whole lot of 10-sided dice, one pretty small tile, and a rules-page! Look for FOUR SQUARE soon!