Four new ruins models from Dave’s Games

tgn-apr-17.jpgDave’s Games have released four new paper model ruin terrain kits.

From their announcement:
I’ve just released four new ruins sets that are perfect for skirmish games, wargames and RPGs. These new 30mm-scale paper models are easy to assemble, requiring just some cardstock paper (110# or 199gsm recommended), scissors, a hobby knife and ordinary paper glue.

For under $5 each, choose from the Tall Ruin, Tower Ruin, Split Ruin or Wrecked House. More are on the way.

These models are sold as multi-layered PDFs, giving you a selection of different surface textures so you can easily customize the look before you print. Create your own combinations of walls and roof textures, and add heavy weathering, doors, windows and other options. You can print these models over and over, choosing a different look every time. With just a couple of these sets, you’ll be able to quickly fill up your gaming table with a variety of unique-looking ruins.

For your convenience, each model includes one set of single-layered PDFs, so you can get them printed without any fuss.

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