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Four new models for Relic Knights now available

Soda Pop Miniatures have added four new Relic Knight figures to their online store.

From their announcement:
Last month we debuted four new models for Relic Knights at Gencon and PAX. Now, all four models are available at the Soda Pop Store.

Zineda & Spite
Traditionally priestesses of the Hydra God, Nozuki, strive to ensure their neutrality as Nozuki’s voice. Allowing them to serve as arbitrators between the eight Noh Dragon Fleets. In accordance to her role as High Priestess, Zineda continues this custom. Yet her true loyalty is hidden from no one. It is well known that she frequents the bed chamber of the Warlord, Mamaro To. Just as it known that the two harbor a burning resentment towards the Relic Knight, Kasaro To, and his favored status in Nozuki’s eyes. While they would never openly confront Kasaro, Zineda is well known for her murderous schemes and machinations for power. Far from discouraging such infighting among his highest servants Nozuki welcomes and encourages the strife. Such adversity breeds strength and the Hydra God has no mercy for the weak.

Sculpted by Alexandre 'Aragorn' Marks. This blister includes two complete models for the Noh questing knight, Zineda and her cypher, Spite. Zineda and Spite are 32mm 'heroic' scale, high quality, metal cast miniatures. A 40mm and 30mm premium round base are included. Models are supplied unpainted. Assembly required.

Noh Berserker (1)
Nozuki is an active deity. Not content guide his followers from afar his will is ever present in the minds of the Noh race. In many ways the Noh’s strict martial discipline is to counter the Hydra God’s influence. To succumb fully to Nozuki’s demands drives a Noh warrior into a feral frenzy of hatred, battlelust, and spite. These are the Noh Berserkers, called "Kyoujin" or "The Unchained" in the Noh’s own tongue. Imprisoned separately so they do not kill one another; they slumber through feverish nightmares within the bowels of the dragon fleets waiting to be awakened. Waiting to be unleashed. The Noh’s favored method of deploying berserkers is to open a small dimensional rift inside the defensive perimeter, allowing the berserkers to spill into the very heart of the enemy. The effect is catastrophic. Shrieks of terror mingle with roaring battle cries heralding the Noh charge. To the Noh, there is no sweeter symphony.

Sculpted by Jason Hendricks. This blister includes a complete model for the Noh minion, Noh Berserker (1). The Noh Berserker is a 32mm 'heroic' scale, high quality, metal and resin cast miniature. A 50mm premium round base is included. Model is supplied unpainted. Assembly required.

Upon enrollment most novices at the Doctrine Academy undergo something of an identity crisis. Young and typically on their own for their first time, the vaunted halls of Esper academia can prove intimidating if not outright frightening. Most novices soon embrace the companionship and camaraderie of their fellow students and begin to adjust to the life of studying to become a Doctrine Codifier. Hasami is not "most" novices though. Instead Hasami seems to feed on isolation, haunting the shadowed halls and forgotten libraries within the sprawling academy. When approached she displays a sharp tongue for peer and teacher alike. If pressed the air gains a metallic tang and her wand morphs into an enormous pair of scissors, proving that it is not only her words that can cut.

Sculpted by Bobby Jackson. This blister includes a complete model for the Doctrine unique character, Hasami. Hasami is a 32mm 'heroic' scale, high quality, metal cast miniature. A 30mm premium round base is included. Model is supplied unpainted. Assembly required.

Navarre Hauser
Second son of the hereditary governorship of the planet, Garron’s Reach, Navarre was given to paladin orders of The Six Peers immediately upon his birth. Ensuring that he may never lay claim to his elder brother’s birthright. Placed with the Order of the Shattered Sword, life as a paladin is all he has ever known. It was his privilege to train the young Relic Knight, Sebastian Cross, even as it is an honor to fight by his side today. Navarre exemplifies the title of paladin. His rugged, pragmatic approach to battle has carried his order to victory against every type of threat imaginable. As the Dark Space Calamity grows and a terrified populace looks increasingly to the paladin orders for protection, Navarre’s steadfast guidance will help guide them to the path of safety.

Sculpted by Reed Casey. This blister includes a complete model for the Order of the Shattered Sword, unique character, Navarre. Navarre is a 32mm 'heroic' scale, high quality, metal cast miniature. A 40mm premium round base is included. Model is supplied unpainted. Assembly required.