Foundry release new skin paint series

Wargames Foundry have released a new range of skintone paints.

From their announcement:

With over 350 colours now available in our paints range, we suddenly realised that our two existing flesh palettes weren’t quite enough for our diverse selection of models. As Kevin is always banging on about the importance of the face on a painted model, we gave him the task of designing a selection of different flesh tones.

Whether you are painting bronzed Greek Hoplites, Samurai, Apache or Zulus, with our new Flesh colours you can select just the right tone to achieve a convincing effect, knowing that these colours will give a realistic quality to your models.

Expert Flesh is our first six colour palette, which gives a subtler shading effect useful for larger flesh areas or for super-detailing normal sized models (ideal for female models.). This a bit of an experiment, which we may extend to other colours if it proves popular. The other new flesh palettes contain the usual three carefully matched colours.

So here they are, a fantastic selection of 30 colours in 9 matched palettes, featuring; South American, Native American, Dark African, Oriental, Near Eastern, North African, Mediterranean, African & Expert Flesh.