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Foundry Announces Tribes of Legend Available for Preorder

Foundry brings Gods, Magic & Monsters! Tabletop Gaming & Modelling in the World of Greek Myths:


From their announcement:

Tribes of Legend by Jake Thornton, featuring artwork by Howard David Johnson
Few stories capture the imagination like those of the ancient Greeks, where heroes and monsters live or die under the watchful gaze of their meddlesome gods. Tribes of Legend contains three separate games set in this mythical world, ranging from full scale battles, to the trials of a single hero, defying gods and mortals. Are you a lone hero or a leader of armies? Decide, and then summon your courage, offer your prayer and, whichever game you play, may the gods smile on you!

Tribes of Legend is lavishly illustrated with stunning full colour photography of lots of magnificently painted miniatures.

A4 Hardback, 104 pages.