Forward Kommander updated

Forward Kommander, the online army builder construction tool for Warmachine and Hordes, has been updated to include some of the new tiers for Warmachine.

From their website:

All fixes in this new version:

  • Changing amounts does change the sort order if more of the same
  • Cygnar tiers
  • The Tier 2 for Ravynn says you get 1 free mage hunter SOLO, not just stipulating its a free mage hunter assasin. So you can have an assasin, Eiryss or Epic Eiryss for free. On Eiryss’ card its states she is a mage hunter, that how this can be done because of that wording. (Great program. I was making a retribution list with Ravyn when I noticed her Tier was set up wrong. Tier two is limited to Mage Hunter Assassin when it should be any Mage hunter solo (Narn, Nayl, Eriyss or the assassin). Also doing the list I could get Tier one to light up and tier their but two never turned orange.)
  • Feora tiers
  • Khador tiers
  • units with FA:U due to tier are only showing 6 size option
  • New banner
  • Added venethrax
  • Added vindicus