Fort Donelson 3D boardgame now available

Wargame Shop have added the Fort Donelson 3D boardgame to their online store.

Fort Donelson 3D boardgame

From their announcement:

The battle continues, this the forth boardgame in the American Civil in 3D series by Wargame Shop. The game sees the Union General U.S. Grant attempting to lay siege to Fort Donelson just has he did a few days earlyer to Fort Henry. February 15th and the Confederates think its a good day to attempt to break the siege and make for Nashville. Can they do it? The game is availible for download in PDF format with rules that are constant “Brothers At Arms” throughout the all series of 3D games. You don’t need to reproduce the gameboard in 3D just print and play, but if you take the time the effect of a 3D gameboard is amazing.