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Forsaken Forest Coming to Kickstarter

The problem with dark magic is that it tends to take over whatever it's around. So, say you've got a forest with some dark magic in it. It'll twist and warp that forest into something hideous. And if you head into it, there's a good chance it'll warp you, too. But go in your must, as that's what you'll be doing in Forsaken Forest, a new game coming to Kickstarter soon. Check out the trailer.

From the website:

Forsaken Forest is a game of Deception, Deduction, and Strategy, set within an ominous forest that has been corrupted by dark magic.

Your objective is simple: Kill, or Be Killed. Navigate to your team’s veiled Destination before the opposing team navigates to theirs. Manage your resources wisely, and gain the trust of your fellow travelers. Fend off the dark magic of the Forest.