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Forgotten & Glorious preview new Chauchat green

Forgotten & Glorious have posted a preview of the new green for the FM Chauchat CSRG 15 . FM Chauchat CSRG 15 From their announcement:
I am very glad to be able to show you the first pictures of the Chauchat that will equipped our two teams in a few weeks. As usual our sculptor managed to reach a very high level of detail on a really small model. At the moment it is still "green" but it will be cast in resin in a few days. Next time I will try to display the final sketches Chris has made for the Chauchat teams: I can already say that one team will be advancing and the other one will be firing; for this latter, we are very puzzled because of the stance of the guy who brings the special backpack and the 480 ammunitions but I think our final choice will please you. To help you wait for resin cast models of the FM we include a short video of this weapon