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Forged in Battle Now Available the For Star Wars RPG

Star Wars is based around conflict (it's not called "Star Peaceful Diplomatic Negotiations" after all). The Rebel Alliance is fighting a desperate battle to keep the forces of the Galactic Empire from utterly dominating all life. They've got to have well-trained soldiers to counteract the military machine. That extends out to your tabletop Star Wars RPG games. If you want to have a true soldier for your character, you'll want to check out Forged in Battle. It's available now.

This book contains plenty of new options to create just the sort of soldier you want on the battlefield. Whether you want a stealthy scout or the one with the huge gun saying things like, "I ain't got time to bleed!" while carrying around your mini-blaster (Ok, that's technically from the wrong movie series, but you know you've wanted to play that character at some point). Even if you're just in the support role, there's new options for you as well. If you're the GM, there's guides for how to run a military-campaign-themed game. Of course, there's also new gear to both equip and to give to the enemies.

You can pick up your copy now.