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Forge World taking pre orders for new Necron Canoptek Acanthrites

Forge World has started taking pre-orders for their new Necron Canoptek Acanthrites... I don't fully know what they do... but the name sounds complicated enough.

From the update:

Canoptek Acanthrites are often encountered in the vanguard of Necron assault spearheads and extermination campaigns, and their numbers vary from a mere handful to vast hosts of these abhorrent machine-locusts, capable of stripping a city down to rubble and slaughtering its inhabitants in a merciless tide of destruction.

The Necron Canoptek Acanthrites set, designed by Will Hayes, comprises three finely detailed multi-part resin models. Experimental rules for these rapacious constructs are available to download from our website, and this set is available to pre-order now for despatch from Friday 31st August.