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Forge World taking pre-orders for new Giant River Troll Hag

Forge World (or, I guess Warhammer Forge to be technical, but it's the same people) have started taking names of those of you gamers who want their new Giant River Troll Hag miniature as soon as it's available.
Uh... I didn't post it here because... well... click through at your own risk. You were warned.


From the post:

River Trolls inhabit the dark fens and marshes of the Old World, and have a reputation of being particularly foul and smelly, none more so than the Giant River Troll Hags. With lank hair, fetid breath and slime coated scaly skin, they are as revolting as they are formidable. Their tough hides are able to heal wounds at an incredible rate and their long loping limbs possess fearsome strength. Attracted by the rotting carrion left in the aftermath of a battle, Giant River Troll Hags and their brethren can be found accompanying armies of greenskins, who are often keen to exploit their brute force whenever they go to war.

Designed by Trish Carden, the Giant River Troll Hag is a multi-part resin model. This model is available to pre-order now and will be despatched from 30th September.