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Forge World Taking Orders for Skaarac The Bloodborn for Age of Sigmar

Well, it's been a while since we've gotten something from the fantasy side of Forge World. Most of their releases tend to focus more on the sci-fi side of things. But such is not the case today. Age of Sigmar is getting a new mini in the form of Skaarac the Bloodborn. And he's certainly been eating his Wheaties, as he's a big boy.


As one would expect from something named "The Bloodborn," Skaarac is a follower of Khorne. The exact origins of the creature is unknown, lost to the mists of time. Some think he's a fallen demon (or would that be risen demon?... I don't really know). Others think he's an experiment gone awry (or perfectly, depending on how you look at it). Some think he's the original Khorgorath. Nobody's really sat down to ask him. Maybe they should. Anyway, the figure is available to order now.