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Forge World Taking Orders for Primus Redoubt Terrain

Forge World has started taking orders for their new Primus Redoubt terrain piece (apparently, they doubted Primus once and have decided to do it again. No comments yet from Les Claypool on the topic). The piece is 2' square and has a bunker built right into it, along with a giant double turbo laser destructor turret (for those big enemies).
They're taking orders now and they'll start sending them out next Friday.

From the release:

Found on worlds across the Imperium since the days of the Great Crusade, the Primus Redoubt is one of a class of super-heavy emplacements built en-masse to defend the cities, foundries and other vital structures on newly Compliant worlds. Constructed with emplaced weaponry more often found on heavy void craft and battlecruisers, and powered by reactors buried deep beneath its visible structure, the Primus Redoubt is designed to eliminate vehicles at very long range, and has enough destructive force to take down super-heavy vehicles and even Titans. Its substantial walls are further protected by a projected force dome, shielding the redoubt from all but the heaviest of incoming fire and orbital bombardments.

The Realm of Battle Imperial Primus Redoubt consists of a 2' x 2' Realm of Battle tile that features a large bunker complex with multiple battlements and a double-barrelled turbo laser destructor turret. It is a fortification that can be taken by any Faction in Warhammer 40,000 and Horus Heresy games.

This is a complete multi-part resin kit. It is available to pre-order today for despatch from Friday 10th April.