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Forge World Taking Orders for Gen Con

It's hard to think that, since it's June, technically, Gen Con is next month. Yeah. How much of a shock was that to your system? I'm still just sort of letting it process. But yeah, Gen Con starts July 30th this year. Forge World will be in attendance and they want to make sure you get the toys you want to get and not go home sad and empty-handed. As such, they're taking orders now for product that you can pick up at the show. But you'd better hurry, you only have until the 6th of July.

It's a pretty simple process. You can either call them and place your order, or you can e-mail them with the title "Gen Con 2015 Order." Either way, they'll get your details about what you want and next month they'll send you a confirmation e-mail that has your order number with it. Bring a printout of that to the booth at the show and get your product. Pretty simple.