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Forge World Taking Orders For Coronus Grav-carrier

As I've said, space janitors in the 41st millennium have all the coolest things. The Legio Custodes get these cool Coronus Grav-carriers to get from place to play. Best we had was a couple gators (like, not actual alligators, but those 6-wheeled vehicles) back at the Arena. Ah well, you can order your Grav-carriers now from Forge World.


From the release:

Armed with twin-linked Lastrum bolt cannon and Arachnus blaze cannon, the Coronus Grav-carrier is perhaps one of the most recognised vehicles used exclusively by the Legio Custodes. This heavily protected transport skimmer provides them with a degree of speed and agility unmatched by the grinding armour of others who fight in the name of the Emperor, allowing the Legio Custodes to deploy rapidly into a range of terrain whilst reducing the risk of being pinned down by enemy forces.

Principally used as a transport, the strikingly-designed Legio Custodes Coronus Grav-carrier served as the technological basis for the Pallas and Caladius grav-craft. While its primary function is transporting a unit of warriors into battle, its armaments – hull-mounted Lastrum bolt cannon and turret-mounted Arachnus blaze cannon – ensure that it is more than capable of mounting appropriately aggressive defenses.