Forge World Releases Orc Rogue Idol

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Feb 5th, 2012

Forge World releases an Orc rougue idol:

From their website:

When greenskin tribes gather for war, foetid effigies depicting the Orc gods Gork and Mork will be constructed. Using rock, dung, old battle trophies and other detritus, these ‘statues’ are intended to bring the favour of Mork (or possibly Gork) to the Orcs and Goblins mustering in their shadow. Some are no more than a heap of stones or no larger than a chapel door, but when a Waaagh! is brewing they can grow to immense proportions, and become so infused with the greenskins’ lust for battle that they are roused into life and will lumber forth to crush and bludgeon the enemy.

If a Waaagh! is subsequently defeated, or the concentration of greenskin magic dissipates, the idol will lapse back into immobility. However, when a Storm of Magic rages across the Warhammer world these gigantic devotions to the greenskin gods may rise up again as a Rogue Idol, mindlessly attacking all in their way until the storm blows its course.

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  • A pile of rocks with a terribly done face for 65 GBP? It’s large enough that it could easily be made out of about a million things OTHER than resin by just about anyone for not only cheaper but also much much easier transport/storage. What were they thinking?

  • cama

    I suppose “bring your kid to work day” down at Forgeworld resulted in wee Billy making an Orky-worky for Dear old Dad. Which was then cast and made into this horrendous … thing.

  • Sergus

    Who was the “artist”?

    • cama

      Wee Billy. Seven-year-old son of a real artist.
      “Sit here, Billy. Use the clay to make an Orky-Worky”.

      Attaboy, Billy.

  • Is it really that bad of a model? I’m not talking about price, etc, but it is just a stone/earth golem, right? If so, it looks fine.

    • Varagon,did you look at the scale pics? It’s MASSIVE.. and in my mind for it to be that large and so devoid of a)detail and b) interest I really really really think this one is a whole new level of wtf for FW. You would literally be better off hot-gluing rocks from your yard together and throwing a little greenstuff face onto it.

    • cybogoblin

      Stone/earth? After reading that description this is always going to be a poop golem to me.

      The model is pretty bland, but the alternate head is quite nice. Not worth buying just for that, however.

  • metalsifter

    An animated stone construct covered with carved runes….let me see…where have I seen one of those before…….

    Wold Wardens anyone? Looks like GW is starting to “take inspiration” from PP now.

    • keltheos

      You’re kidding, right? Nobody’s ever had an animated statue covered in runes before now? I think this thing takes more inspiration from Galaxy Quest than a PP model.

      • metalsifter

        It still looks like a pile of dog poop.

        • keltheos

          Can’t disagree there. I think even with my meager sculpting skills I could make one of these.

    • cama

      What the dickens is a “Wold Warden”?

      No. Definitely nothing from this “PP”. And if you are going to say “PP”, I hope you aren’t talking about your Johnson.
      (thank you, thank you very much…)

  • Gailbraithe

    I was thinking that was pretty awesome, conceptually, but that price is ridiculous for something I could make in twenty minutes with some pink foam and a hot knife.

    • metalsifter

      Pink foam and a hot knife? Hell you could make something better just by eating a dozen burritos and a jar of peanuts. ;p

      • Myrthe

        Absolutely THE BEST comment and worthy of quoting !!! Thank you for the laugh !!!