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Forge World release Astral Claws Upgrade kits

Forge World have released vehicle and infantry upgrade kits for the Astral Claws Chapter of Space Marines. Terminator Shoulder Pads From their announcement:
Prior to the Badab War, the noble Astral Claws were renowned for their duty, loyalty and victories in the name of the Emperor. Their fall from grace under the leadership of Lugft Huron is a cautionary tale to loyal Astartes Chapters of the dangers of hubris and pride amongst their kind. These vehicle and infantry upgrade sets bear a variety of personalised heraldry, honorific badges and honour markings such as trophies and purity seals, and display the Tyrant’s Claw symbol that became synonymous with the Chapter during its Secession from the wider Imperium. Designed by Simon Egan, the Astral Claws Rhino Door Set and Land Raider Door Set are compatible with the Space Marine Land Raider and Rhino vehicle kits available from both Games Workshop and Forge World. Simon has also designed two detailed infantry upgrade sets for this most ill-famed of Chapters: the Astral Claws Shoulder Pads and Terminator Shoulder Pads. These accessories can be used with the full range of plastic and resin Space Marine infantry kits available from both Forge World and Games Workshop. All four of these upgrade sets are available to order now for immediate despatch.