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Forge World Previews Warhammer Forge Releases

Forge World Previews Warhammer Forge Releases:

From their announcement:

Lord of the Black Fortress, Master of the Legion of Azgorh, potent warrior and mighty Sorcerer-Prophet of Hashut, Drazhoath the Ashen leads his war host from the fore mounted upon the fell Bale Taurus Cinderbreath.
Drazhoath’s power is great indeed, and there are few sorcerers now in the service of Hashut who can match his arcane might or knowledge in the creation of war machines or daemon-binding. Yet for all his power Drazhoath is effectively an exile, sent to the Black Fortress after losing favour in the brutal politics of Zharr-Naggrund.

Now however with rumours of a monstrous horde rising in the east, and dark visions of the coming of Tamurkhan smouldering in the embers of sacrificial altars, Drazhoath lays his plans with cold and malefic intent.

Drazhoath the Ashen on Cinderbreath, designed by Steve Whitehead, is a breathtakingly detailed full resin model, and a unique special character for the Legion of Azgorh army list published in Tamurkhan: The Throne of Chaos. In addition, Drazhoath can also be used as a ‘normal’ Daemonsmith mounted on a Bale Taurus.

Drazhoath the Ashen on Cinderbreath is available to pre-order now for despatch in the week commencing 28th November.