Forge World previews the Tau XV107 R’Varna Battlesuit

By Polar_Bear
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Sep 11th, 2013

Forge World is showing off preview photos of the Tau XV107 R’Varna Battlesuit that they’ll have with them at Game Day UK.
I… really wish I was going to that show…


From the preview:

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be previewing some of the models that will be available at Games Day UK, the first of which is the Tau XV107 R’Varna Battlesuit. A development of the Riptide, the R’Varna sacrifices mobility for heavier armour and increased firepower in the form of two pulse submunition cannon.

The XV107 R’Varna, designed by Daren Parrwood, is a multi-part resin and plastic kit. We will have stock of this new kit at the Forge World stand at Games Day UK on Sunday September 29th at the Birmingham NIA.

Please note that we cannot take reservation orders for this model as stock numbers will be limited.

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  • Dude

    This Battlesuit goes to 11.

  • Veritas

    That thing is badass. Why couldn’t the regular Riptide look like this?

  • airhead

    Because forge World Rocks 😉

  • Killraven

    It’s a giant manga mutant robot chicken.

    Every time I look at the picture again I start giggling.

  • Tamwulf

    GW realized they can charge people an extra $30 for a riptide if Forge World put one out.

    It does look dead sexy though, doesn’t it?

  • evernevermore (John)

    GW didnt realize anything. Forgeworld is just the branch of GW with gamers still making decisions on what models to sculpt. And damn do they sculpt!