Forge World Open Day and release details

Forge World have posted details of some of the new releases that will be available for sale at the upcoming Forge World Open Day. taurosa8.jpg From their announcement:
Forge World Open Day 2010 – Sunday 28th March The Open Day is a great chance to come along and see what we have in store for you in the coming year, and all of our studio staff will be there for you to come and talk to. You’ll be able to see work-in-progress miniatures and artwork, as well as proof copies of the forthcoming Imperial Armour Volume 8: Raid on Kastorel-Novem. We will also have exciting, as-yet unseen models, participation games and much more. Doors open at 10am and the Open Day itself will continue until 4pm. No ticket is required, and admission is free at the door. Sneak Peeks and New Releases As well as previewing future projects on the Studio stand, we will have a limited quantity of some of them available for you to buy. We will reveal more just before the event, but for now we can whet your appetite with details of some of these new releases: Raven Guard Rhino, Land Raider, and Terminator Land Raider Doors The Raven Guard specialise in lightning attacks; demoralising raids from the shadows on the foe’s vulnerable supply lines that weaken and confuse the main strength of an enemy force. When the time is right, ebony-clad Space Marines will launch an overwhelming assault, their stark white heraldry gleaming as they slaughter the enemies of Mankind. While a Raven Guard strike force is predominantly composed of Assault Marines, heavy equipment is also used – the armoured vehicles of the Chapter are honoured relics, lovingly maintained and embellished by skilled artificers to display their battle honours and Chapter heraldry.
These vehicle upgrade sets, designed by Simon Egan, are ideal for use on all types of Space Marine tanks – each contains replacement side doors and a front hatch suitable for use on all Rhino chassis tanks such as Predators and Whirlwinds, and all Land Raider variants. Two sets of Land Raider doors are available, one featuring additional Crux Terminatus icons. Click here to view images of these doors used on different types of Space Marine vehicles. Elysian Troops for Valkyrie This fantastic upgrade set for the plastic Valkyrie allows you to embellish the interior of the transport with a squad of Elysian Drop troops prepping in the moments before an assault – the troopers are all highly distinctive; checking weapons, talking amongst themselves and discussing the mission over a dataslate. The set contains a full Drop Troop squad of 10 seated troopers carrying a variety of equipment, as well as lasguns mag-clamped to the roof of the Valkyrie. The detailed heads of each trooper could also be used to add variety to a standard Elysian squad with some conversion work. You can find pictures of these incredible miniatures, designed by Simon Egan and Will Hayes, here. Elysian Tauros Assault Vehicle The Tauros Venator is but one variant of this multi-purpose assault vehicle - the ‘standard’ 4-wheel Tauros is used by the Elysian regiments as a long-range scout vehicle, mounting potent anti-personnel firepower in the form of either a Heavy Flamer or Tauros Grenade Launcher. Its four wheels are individually powered by advanced high-yield galvanic motors, allowing it to maintain speed even with damaged tyres – often a crucial edge when faced with superior enemy firepower. This detailed model, designed by Will Hayes, is a full resin kit that comes with options for a Heavy Flamer or Grenade Launcher as well as two resin crew, designed by Simon Egan. The Tauros can be transported in either a Valkyrie Sky Talon or a standard Valkyrie, which the model will physically fit into. See pictures of the Tauros Venator here. New Forge World Weathering Powders Our penultimate Open Day release is a new set of our popular Weathering Powders – this new range of eight pigments compliments and expands the six powders currently available. The new powders are Aged Rust, Light Rust, Bone Dust, Faded Green, Dark Iron, Dry Mud, Fresh Mud and Medium Earth, and are available both individually and as a full set – our talented Studio designers will also be demonstrating how to work with Weathering Powders throughout the day, so make sure you stop at their stand. Ork Runt Bot and Grot – 2010 Show Only model This fantastic figure, designed by Mark Bedford, is our exclusive Event-Only figure for 2010. Meks are always keen to test their bionik designs on the battlefield, and if no suitable ‘patients’ are available they will build a Runt Bot; a huge, clanking parody of an Ork warrior powered by a rumbling engine and directed into battle by a plucky Grot, who will be provided with a ‘kontrol pad’ for the mechanical warrior. This finely detailed and striking vignette depicts the Grot controller perched precariously on the shoulder of the Runt Bot, wrestling with the joystick in an effort to direct the shearing claws of the monstrosity. This great miniature can be used to represent a Warboss with the Bionic Body upgrade, a Nob in Mega-Armour, or simply as a centrepiece or painting project. You can find pictures of the Runt Bot and Grot Kontroller here. All these great kits will be available to purchase in limited numbers from our Sales stand at the Open Day – you can also place a reservation order for all these items, but as we don’t yet know what quantities we’ll have on the day we will not be able to confirm reservations until the very last few days before the show.