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Forge World Grey Knights and Inquisition Rules Updates

Forge World have posted updated rules for their Grey Knight and Inquisitor figures. From their announcement:
The recently released Codex Grey Knights and accompanying range of new plastic kits are now available in Games Workshop Hobby centres the world over, and Forge World writer Alan Bligh has taken a short break from his work on forthcoming Imperial Armour and Warhammer Forge books to update the rules for Forge World’s range of Grey Knights and Inquisition models. This free download (PDF link) contains fully updated rules for Forge World’s two unique Inquisitors and their retinues: Hector Rex of the Ordo Malleus and Solomon Lok of the Ordo Xenos; as well as our Psycannon Upgrade, allowing Grey Knights players to field Thunderhawks, Razorbacks and Land Raiders with these potent anti-psyker weapons. The Forge World Grey Knights Land Raider Redeemer and Grey Knights MkIV Venerable Dreadnought now have fully updated rules as well. In addition to these unique kits, Forge World also produce a wide range of resin Rhino and Land Raider accessories, resin Icons and Etched Brass symbols that are perfect for individualising your Grey Knights miniatures and vehicles, some of which can be seen in the colour section of the new Codex.