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Forge World Giveaway Week 2 Happening Now

All this month, Forge World is giving away titans. Each week, a new winner will be announced who will get themselves one of these massive machines of war for nothing. This time around, it's those space elves, the Eldar, who are having the spotlight shined upon them. If you want a free Revenant, head over to Forge World and make an order.

From the announcement:

Another week, another massive prize to win! Last week, Forge World fans had a chance to win the Hierophant Bio-Titan last week. This week, spend more than £50 with Forge World and you’ll be automatically entered into a draw to win a Revenant Titan. The Aeldari Revenant Titan is one of the most powerful war machines of the Craftworlds and makes for a superb centrepiece for your collection – or perhaps the start of a new one.