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Forge World Games Day UK pre-orders

Forge World will be selling two new figures on advance of their general release at Games Day UK. Lietpold the Black From their announcement:
Exclusive Pre-Release Products Available at Games Day UK The first is another amazingly detailed resin character model designed by the talented Edgar Skomorowski. Border Prince, mercenary general, wanted criminal and dastardly sell-sword, Lietpold the Black, also known as Lietpold the Bloody, Lietpold Turncloak and Lietpold the Liar, is a man to whom profit is more valued than honour or loyalty. This notorious character is perhaps the most detailed miniature yet released by Warhammer Forge. Lietpold the Black will be available from the Forge World Sales stand at Games Day UK in limited numbers, priced at £24. The second model to be showcased at Games Day UK is the first in a brand new range of Warhammer monsters. When the eightfold storm engulfs the Warhammer world, the most violent and savage aspects of each Wind of Magic can be summoned using dark and ancient rites, and bound by Wizards into forms shaped by the Lore they serve. The Incarnate Elemental of Beasts, designed by Keith Robertson, is a base and brutal servant-form, created to defend an Amber Wizard and destroy his foes. Available at Games Day UK in limited numbers for £45.00, this highly detailed and immense full resin monster is the perfect centrepiece for any army.