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Forge World Demon Prince of Khorne giveaway

The Jaded Gamer podcast is giving away a Forge World Demon Prince of Khorne miniature. From their website:
I am going to give away the Forge World Demon Prince of Khorne. To do so, I am going to run a contest. Here’s the skinny: I am going to place the order with Forge World on March 14 at 9PM MST. I am going to opt for standard shipping. The contest is open until it arrives in the mail (4 – 6 weeks). Once I have it in my hands, I am going to do a random draw of all the entries received between now and then. How do you enter the contest? Two ways. In honour of the Blood God, donate Blood to your local Blood Bank. Send me an email with proof (date, location and time it took to donate the full amount). In case people have already donated Blood recently, or don’t qualify for whatever reason (damn my love of tattoos), make a donation of at least $25 to the Red Cross to assist in relief for the Earthquake in Japan. Prove it by forwarding me your receipt. You can enter as many times as you want and each entry improves your chances to win. All entries should be sent to