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Foreplay Card Game Available Now In Print-and-Play, Coming to Kickstarter soon

There's a lot of history of cancer in my family. So I'm expecting to go for screenings and such. Heck, I should probably be doing those now. Well, there's a new card game that can help. It's also designed for fun.
So, I mean, we're not prudes here at TGN, but suffice to say, Foreplay is a game that's pushing our PG-13 envelope a bit. But hey, it's helping save the world from cancer. If you get some enjoyment out of it, too, that's great.

About the game:

Introducing the kinkiest card game combining acts of hot foreplay with in-home cancer checking.
Hello, we wanted to share with you that Foreplay officially starts works today.

A team of creative friends invented a sex card game that’s not only incredibly entertaining but also educates people about in-home cancer checking.

The best way to beat cancer is to find it early, but young people really aren't going in for cancer screenings to catch these symptoms before it’s too late. That's why we created “Foreplay,” 42 cards that attract players with sex appeal and the potential to get laid, but in turn, teachs them how to check for cancer in their homes. Players will inspect their bodies, have some fun, and save lives.

Source (obviously, may not be SFW in your location. There's no NSFW photos, really, but the innuendo is strong, and the language can be a bit direct. You've been warned)