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Forces of the Abyss Coming for Kings of War and Dungeon Saga

Mantic has been feeling hot, hot, hot lately. Apparently, it's because they've been working on the new Forces of the Abyss for both Kings of War and Dungeon Saga. They've posted up previews of just what they've been working on, giving us a look at 4 different units for Kings of War, as well as a couple Abyss minis that will be exclusive versions for Dungeon Saga. These Abyssal forces are going to be the first major expansion once the Kings of War 2nd Edition Rulebook comes out.

For Kings of War, the new units include Lower Abyssals, Succubi, Flamebearers, and Molochs. Each one's just a little more terrifying than the last. All of them more than capable of making anyplace they go a living hell for their opponents.

And since Kings of War and Dungeon Saga both take place in the same universe, of course we'll see Abyss models in both games. Dungeon Saga will be getting some of their own minis, alternately-posed from those coming out for Kings of War.