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Force on Force and Road to Baghdad available for pre-order

Ambush Alley Games are taking pre-orders for their updated Force on Force rules and the Road to Baghdad supplement. Force on Force and Road to Baghdad pre-orders From their announcement:
Force on Force and the expansion book Road to Baghdad are scheduled for release in April 2011. They'll sell fast, but you can guarantee you get your copy by pre-ordering today. This new version of Force on Force combines Ambush Alley Games' popular Ambush Alley and Force on Force rules in a single volume containing new scenarios, improved rules for vehicle combat, photos of miniatures painted by Piers Brand and other top military modelers - all off-set by striking Osprey artwork and a sumptuous layout design. Road to Baghdad is the first of four Force on Force Companion Books scheduled for release in 2011. The book focuses on the 2003 invasion of Iraq by Coalition forces and contains 19 scenarios, a history of the campaign, sample organizations for US, UK, and Iraqi forces, never before published combat photography, more eye candy from the AAG studios - all that plus a wealth of Osprey illustrations and a full bibliography! You can learn more about pre-ordering Force on Force and Road to Baghdad. As always, thanks for your support for Ambush Alley Games. Shawn