Force on Force and Ambush Alley availability

Ambush Alley Games have sent word about the availability of their Force on Force and Ambush Alley games.

Update: PDFs for AA/FoF products will remain available until September 30th.

From their announcement:
Force on Force and Ambush Alley rulebooks, supplements, and card decks will not be available for purchase after 30 September 2010. We are removing these items from the store on that date in preparation for the release of the new Force on Force omnibus edition to be released in April of 2011 by Ambush Alley Games and Osprey Publishing.

The new edition of Force on Force will contain all of the rules necessary to play both Force on Force and Ambush Alley style games as well as many of the additional rules presented in expansions such as Day of the Rangers and Operation: Uruzgan.

New card decks are also in development for use with the new edition of Force on Force, but existing card decks will also work with the new edition.

All orders received as of 20 July will be filled, but once our current stock is sold out, it will not be replenished. Ambush Z and Ambush Z card decks will continue to be available as long as the current zombie crisis persists.
Thanks for your continued support of Ambush Alley Games