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For Göllnir and Björn! New releases from Avatars of War

Avatars of War has a couple new releases available over in their webshop for you fantasy-gaming-types to check out.


From the announcement:

Preceding the upcoming Iron Guard regiment for Warthrone, is the Champion of Göllnir. The Iron Guard form the personal guard of a Dwarf king. Each Iron Guardian is appointed by the king himself, from the most courageous, skilled and tenacious of his warriors. Champions of Göllnir are the best of the chosen, only below the noble Dwarf Lords in power and command.

We also unveil the first of the new range of miniatures exclusively designed for Arena Deathmatch, the game of gladiatorial combat. A Dwarf Berserker armed with bladed gauntlets, ready to impale those who dare face him in close combat!