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Foodmachine 2012 is coming!

Foodmachine, the Warmachine/Hordes tourney that raises funds to help the less-fortunate, is coming soon. They've got the rules packet and such online for you to start getting your forces prepped.

We hope to see you and others running Foodmachine events around the globe from November 1st through December 31st. This packet includes all the information and resources we think you will need to plan and run your event. We’ve included rules, player registration sheets, event reporting forms, and guidelines on working with the media to get the word out. Additional information, including some logos you can use for your promotional efforts, can be found at this website, as well as at the Foodmachine Facebook page. All you need to do is arrange a location and run the event just like a regular tournament and follow these extra guidelines. If you get stuck, the NJ SOBs and the Privateer Press community are always here to help. Click the "contact us" link below to email us with your questions.