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Foodmachine 2011 rules and website

The Foodmachine fundraising program now has a new website and rules downloads for their 2011 season. From their announcement:
Foodmachine is now entering its 6th year of existence. It’s really heartening to know that Warmachine and Hordes players have been supporting this charity drive since almost the beginning of Privateer Press’ existence. Cheat to Win Foodmachine is the worldwide charity drive against hunger. This year we’re asking stores and clubs to put on an event between November 1st and January 2nd to collect canned goods for their local food pantries. We’ve developed all kinds of cheats you can buy with cans to get ahead in your games. The more you donate, the more you get to cheat. For a rules packet to help you organize your event and the cheating rules, visit
Paint to Win We’re also kicking things up with our companion event, Orange Crush (Hunger), by giving hobbyists the chance to devote their special talents to the cause. Privateer Press’ studio painter, Matt DiPietro, will be painting up Captain Phinneus Shae and the Commodore cannon in an orange-based paint scheme. We’re asking the community to sign up to paint a model from the Tier 4 army in an orange scheme of their choosing. The army will then be auctioned off for charity. For details on how to participate, visit Privateer Press is once again supporting Foodmachine by awarding custom-designed vinyl banners to the winners of the three prize categories. Additionally, the group that donates the most cans overall will also win the traveling Foodmachine trophy, currently in possession of All Things Fun in New Jersey. Awards will be announced at Templecon 2012 by the Privateer Press staff. For additional information, email Now that you know what you to do, all that’s left is to donate like you have a pair.