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Foodmachine 2011 ends on Sunday

Foodmachine runs lots of events to raise food and support for people in need. The event ends on Sunday and there is still time to help support.

From their site:

Official Foodmachine events end this Sunday, BUT, here's a way you can win a fully painted army and support the cause without leaving your computer. Read about the Project: Orange Crush Hunger army:

For every dollar donated ($10 minimum), the donor receives one chance to win per dollar. (Be sure to include your name and an email when you donate so we may contact you if you win!)

During Templecon 2012, a winner will be randomly selected via with Privateer Press staff on hand to verify the result. The number rolled will determine which dollar is the winning one, starting with the first dollar donated to the site.

The winner will receive the Orange Crush army. It is a 50 point Tier 4 Shae army painted by volunteers around the world in a orange-based scheme. Models include:

Phinneaus Shae
Commodore Cannon
Aiyanna & Holt
Press Gangers (max unit)
Sea Dogs (max unit)
Sea Dog Riflemen (3)
Mr. Walls
Dirty Meg
Doc Killingsworth
Lord Rockbottom
Deck Gun
Dougal MacNaile
Bloody Bradigan

(Please note that this is the set of models volunteers around the globe promised to paint for this raffle. The army that will be sent to the winner will depend on the volunteers sending their models in. Consequently some models promised may not be included in the army if they are not finished in time.)