Following The Nerd reviews the Corp. Army Box from Mantic Games

By Polar_Bear
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May 9th, 2012

Following The Nerd has a review up on their website for Mantic Games’ Corporation Army Box for Warpath.

From the review:

Dave from Following the Nerd takes a closer look at Mantic’s Corporation Boxed Army

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  • cegorach

    Just a suggestion, if you’re going to post extracts from an article as a taster, don’t just post the obvious description that has already been stated. You’re better off posting a summary statement.

    • jedijon

      In the interests of balance of opinion: the above is a concise and professional reduction of (an admittedly short) excerpt linking to article. I’d so much rather see this than the individualistic sentimentality pervading so many bylines – the posing as oblique pop-culture references, etc. Today’s “I still have my decks to hand reference” is the least egregious of these, bordering on tasteful…in a way that so many others (including the puns!) haven’t been.
      Unlike cegorach, I would posit that the first rule of information is ‘keep it simple’.

  • I was lost as soon as he didn’t have the right year for the release of Aliens.

  • scarletsquig

    There’s also some inaccuracies – there are 4 different torso variants, not 2, and the models do come with special weapon options (something which is mentioned earlier in the article but later ignored).