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Folklore: The Affliction board game up on Kickstarter

Twin Fire Productions is running a Kickstarter campaign for Folklore: The Affliction, their new cooperative board game.
They're over their funding goal. So it's stretch goals for 19 more days.


From the campaign:

Play one of 6 characters in a cooperative 1-4 player game that does not require a game master. The setting is our own fictional past, where your characters acquire Lore as they face and defeat the supernatural creatures known as Afflictions.

Folklore itself is played as an adventure board game with an immersive RPG style feel, offering plenty of randomization and choice driven interaction. Folklore also inspires gamers to write their own adventures and add as much role playing as they like to the experience.

Play through storylines and create your own horrifying tales, creatures and items to challenge your characters in the quest to drive the Darkness back into the Hell from which it came.