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Foe Hunters Cooperative Deckbuilding Game Back on Kickstarter

Defeating the villains isn't always easy. In fact, it's generally not easy. Sometimes you start an assault but find you have to retreat, regroup, and start over. That's what Spellforge Games has done with Foe Hunters, their new cooperative deckbuilding game. They've listened to the feedback that people were giving during their first Kickstarter campaign and have come back with a new one in the hopes of getting the funding love we all desire in our lives.

In Foe Hunters, players take on the role of one member of an adventuring party. Each deck is unique to the starting hero. During your turn, you can do three things: play a card from your hand, buy a card from the City deck, and activate your Feat. After each player takes a turn, the Foe does their special attack. It's up to the heroes to defeat the Foe before they, themselves, are pushing up daisies.

The main box game comes with:

30 10-sided dice
4 Hero Decks of 15-18 cards each
2 Foe Decks of 40-60 cards
1 City Deck of 60 cards
20 Tokens
1 Rulebook

The campaign is around 1/3 funded with still 27 days to go on the clock.