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Foam Trays available for X-Wing Wave 4 from KR Multicase

KR Multicase keeps your ships in flying condition with the release of their custom foam trays for Wave 4 of X-Wing.


From the release:

Custom trays for the Star Wars Wave 3 models are now available. See the Star Wars section on the website for full details of the trays and tray sets.

Tray XW5 tray holds: Lambda Shuttle, 4x Fighters on stands, Shuttle stand, Damage cards, Upgrade cards, Manoeuvre templates, tokens.

Tray XW7 tray holds: 4x HWK-290 on stands (or any other fighters) plus 3x B-Wing Fighters on stands (or any other fighters) plus token space.

The tray sets hold a combination of the new models plus the previous releases too, all in pre-selected trays for you. And for those of you with large numbers of fighters, Set H is ideal as it holds 30 fighters plus their dials all in 1 case.

KR – putting figures first.