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Flytrap Factory Sneak Peeks Miniatures for Netherworlds Edge

Flytrap Factory

From their website:

Ladies and Gentlemen
Despite our quiet entry just prior to Christmas we approach the end of our first month of business here at the factory with much accomplished and prepared for a fantastic new year. At this point we would like to take the opportunity to give you the first glimpses of just some of the items we have in store for February.
Netherworlds Edge is on the cards today, the first of our "Journeyman series" for gaming in a more than slightly heroic 20mm scale.

Depicted in this pic are 4 of the 5 (pirate) "Brothers of Nuln" (the first release for the Mouserealm river "Raiders Guild") and their flagship, the converted barrel barge infamously known as the "Drunken Skunk". Also shown is the first of 4 initial release sculpts for the Blackclaw Robbers, an intro to the Usurper kings foul legions of murderous vermin.

These little additions are just a few of the 25+ miniatures coming to life for Flytrap Factory in February, with the brunt of them being moulded, cast up and sent off to the Recluse this week for the perfecting pigment touches, inevitable photography and then the transition to web and eventual official release.

We are happy and excited with the feedback we have received from customers and observers alike especially with regard to the "Netherworld Edge Collectors Series 1" miniatures released this month. Our written development and brainstorming for the world of Netherworlds Edge has been immensely fuelled by this enthusiasm and to put it simple... I cant wait to get in front of you the future models and artworks surrounding this IP.

Development on the official Netherworlds Edge skirmish game began last month with two of our minions beginning work on what is destined to become our first publication. Feverishly chained to the studio computers penning the initial draft beta rules for consideration and eventual testing.

We hope and expect to present the polished beta rules free to our forum community for input and additional playtesting and critique later on this quarter and look forward to a full scale production run in the not too too distant future... this allows us meanwhile to grow the range of figures intended for the rulesystem as well and continuing to develop the lore and concept of Netherworlds Edge.

So in saying that I shall bow out for now but stay tuned for rulesystem news, updates, painted examples and the official launch of the the 1st Journeyman releases this February.

Thank you for being part of the Flytrap Factorys humble beginnings

Kindest regards
Baron Trapdoor