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Flying Frog Announces Painting Contest for Gen Con

There's a lot of board games coming out lately that have some very pretty miniatures with them (recently being the last couple years, mind you). Many people just leave the figures in the colored plastic they come in. But others really want the board game to look as good as a miniatures game. So they take a lot of time and effort painting them up. Well, Flying Frog Productions wants to award those that take this extra step. They're having themselves a painting contest at Gen Con for their Shadows of Brimstone game.

There will be 3 categories for the contest: Single Brimstone Hero, Single Brimstone Creature, and Brimstone Bounty (sort of the "everything else" not covered in the first two). The contest will happen on Saturday at the Flying Frog booth. Aaron Lovejoy will be the judge for the contest. Prizes will be Flying Frog product, including promo items not normally available for purchase.

So get your brushes ready and get painting!