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Flotsam: Adrift Amongst the Stars RPG Up On Kickstarter

While space travel might be only for the scientists and soon for the hyper-elite, one day it will be the usual course of things. And as space expands to the everyday people, there will be those that go about their regular lives always in the more downtrodden areas of space stations. That's where you find yourself in Flotsam: Adrift Amongst the Stars. It's the life of the lessers, in the world of off-world. The sci-fi RPG is up on Kickstarter now.

From the campaign:

Flotsam is a roleplaying game by Josh Fox about outcasts, renegades and misfits living in belly of a space station, in the shadow of a more prosperous society. You play through their everyday lives, interpersonal relationships and small-scale drama in the Below, a dangerous world where poverty, social strife and gang conflict sit side-by-side with alien technology and supernatural weirdness.

Imagine the Belters of the Expanse watching as Earth and Mars shape their lives, the civilians in Battlestar Galactica living with the decisions made by the military and the folk of Downbelow in Babylon 5, abandoned to destitution and squalor by those who built the station. This game is about characters like that.

In Flotsam you play one Primary character, telling their story and exploring their relationships. But you also control a Situation: a constellation of threats and problems which you’ll bring to life and push forward when you’re not playing your Primary character. The game gives you the tools and support you need to unlock the creativity of your group in a completely effortless way.

Josh is raising funds to print the book, and to pay for art by Anna Landin and Claudia Cangini and layout by Stianín Jackson to bring the game to life on the page. Stretch goals include exciting scenarios by renowned game designers such as Emily Care Boss and Grant Howitt. The campaign will run until Thursday 9th August.

The Kickstarter is already over its funding goal with still 26 days left to go.