FloodWar: A Queensland Australia flood relief event

By tgn_admin
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Jan 16th, 2011

Tabletop gamers in Australia are banding together to held raise funds for Queensland flood relief.

From their announcement:

A bunch of WargamerAU denizens are banding together and running a series of charity events to raise funds for the QLD disaster relief of the recent floods.

Hop into the thread for details and links to local events in Oz, to contact the authors of the soon to be released event packet, or add any offers of support to the mix.

So far Warmachine and Warhammer 40k will have tournaments, with L5R, WFB, and maybe some others to join in – step up and join the cause!

  • Bundybear

    A very good cause – it is a pity they are only doing GW games, which means a lot of potential players will miss out.

    • Blitz R

      Did you actually read the article? The FIRST game mentioned is WARMACHINE. Last time I looked PP were still an independent company.

      I’m planning on attending an event a mate of mine is setting up in Campbelltown at the start of Feb. It’s going to be a long drive from Newcastle.

  • It’s not just GW games – they’re also running Warmachine and Hordes tournaments, and I am sure they would be extremely pleased if any Tournament Organiser wants to run something for another game system, such as Flames of War etc.

    A very good cause and one all Australian gamers should get behind if they can.

  • maestro

    yup – for example there’ll be a “floodmachine” event for warmachine and hordes on Day 3 of CANCON (ie next Monday, 24 January) – see http://www.wargamerau.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=109665&st=0&#entry1537436 for details.

  • Tilaurin

    As the person heading up FloodWar I can guaruntee you 100% that there are non GW games – in fact, of the 5 locations now running FloodWar events only the Adelaide venue (thus far not fully announce) will have something GW at all.

    Please, anyone thinking about running a FloodWar event OF ANY GAME SYSTEM AS ALL ARE ACCEPTABLE hit the link, get involved, and let’s share the gaming love.