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Flipped Off Card Game Now Available

Being an evil mastermind, as you obviously are, means collecting together minions to do your bidding... and then have that bidding be things like "take over cities." But you're not the only evil mastermind on the planet. A rival is looking to take over the same city that you, yourself (by way of your minions, of course. Obviously an evil mastermind wouldn't get their own hands dirty) are looking to conquer. Now it's you versus them for control. That's the story behind Flipped Off, a new print-and-play card game that's available now.


In the game, you play as an evil mastermind. You'll use your minions of pirates, ninjas, and robots (in the form of different cards) to control various parts of the city and send attacks against places your opponent controls. Meanwhile, action cards can help turn the tide of battle for you (or your opponent).

You can get your own copy now.