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Flintloque - Death in the Snow Starter Pack Now Released

Flintloque now has starter packs available. Paint the snow red with blood!

Read all about it!

Hello Everyone,

We have just released our second Shilling Service Pack - Death in the Snow !

This Shilling Service Pack contains all you need to get you up and playing Flintloque in the frozen horror that is the Grande Armee du Norde's retreat from Moskova. Firstly the magnificent ninety six page 5026 Death in the Snow book with full rules and background for the Witchlands theatre of the Mordredian Wars with a massive army of a dozen nations facing off against the hordes of the Undead.

Secondly eleven great 28mm scale white metal Flintloque miniatures made up of six elite Ferach Elf Light Infantry along with eight in the service of the Dark Czar seven Werewolves and one Vampyre; these all come with included plastic bases. You also get a set of two percentile dice and lastly the special two page insert. This insert is unique to the Shilling Service Pack and outlines how to get playing, how to create your characters using the book and then three scenarios featuring the miniatures in the pack. The insert also gives details for solo play of the the scenarios. Lastly the insert gives you ideas on how to continue your adventures using your starter pack as a basis for expansion.
Excellent value and your chance to jump right into the black powder action of the Mordredian Wars. Plus the starter pack insert also contains a special code to use with your first order. Can't say fairer than that!
At £30 the pack is excellent value and your chance to jump right into the black powder action of the Mordredian Wars.
We also have another Shilling Service Pack SSP04 Bier & Bones available if you prefer Dwarves and Ogres!

Thanks for Reading!