Flintloque Death in the Snow now available

flqdintscov_ws.jpgAlternative Armies have released the Death in the Snow expansion for their fantasy/Napoleonic game system.

From their website:
The second book in the new series for the worlds foremost Black Powder Fantasy game. Contains full rules for Character driven Section level skirmish gaming along with full background for the Witchlands theatre of the Mordredian Wars. Introducing the Undead and all rules for them and the forces of the Dark Czar.

Plus detailed Army information for the Grande Armee du Norde (Ferach Elves, Confederation of Finklestein, Werewolves of Diberia, Centaurs of Coltz), the Army of the Witchlands (the Undead, Vampyres, Ghouls, Wraiths and more).

Character creation and Section rules, magicke, skills, traits, flaws both generic and racial specific for Mortal and Undead