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Flint and Feather Miniatures Game Up On Kickstarter

While a couple of historical miniatures games feature the French-Indian Wars era, there's not really many that deal with the pre-contact era. Well, Flint and Feather looks to remedy that. It's a new miniatures skirmish game up on Kickstarter now and it focuses on the tribes at war in the Great Lakes region before Europeans made their way to the area.


One thing they're very proud of with this Kickstarter is the miniatures sets they've made. Both the Iroquois and the Huron box sets contain 14 individual models. If you're the type that hates having repeated figures on the table, you don't need to worry about having to cut apart parts and refit them in order to get that look here. As such, each figure represents a unique individual. No twins or triplets hitting the battlefield for you.

The campaign's just under 50% funded with still 20 days left to go.